First aid in case of dental trauma

The correct treatment of complex tooth injuries is still a challenge even in modern dentistry. However, by undergoing modern treatment you can often still preserve teeth that would have been lost in the past.

Since it is mostly children and adolescents who suffer from dental trauma, it is important, beside the aesthetic rehabilitation, to avoid negative consequences for the growth of the jaw structure.

Reporting accidents

If you have to report an accident to the emergency dentist, the following information is important:

  • What happened? When? How? Where?
  • How old is the patient?
  • Does the accident concern the milk teeth or the permanent teeth

If you do not need an emergency dentist immediately, please note the following:

  • Every dental accident should be reported to the dentist because even small injuries can have long-term effects.
  • All dental accidents must be reported to your insurance at once.

Please consult your general practitioner!

In case of open wounds a tetanus vaccination may be necessary.

Try to stop heavy bleeding by pressing a cloth or a bandage on the wound.

Information for patients

Types of dental accidents: concussions, dislocations, fractures .

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First aid

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